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Yesterday while attempting to post my entry, I suddenly found myself in an epic battle with Blogger to get the media content formatted correctly. Most particularly that Supernatural video sizing, Blogger just wouldn't allow me to correct it on the HTML screen. As a test, I started a Live Journal account, and mirrored the DVR Awakens post (see above link). Completed the post in a third of the time. Also, the HTML page allowed me to fix the above mentioned Supernatural video sizing issue.

Am I done done with Blogger?

As far as original entries, yes!

I will continue to post links here when I do my bigger entries, but as far as mentally sharpening swords and putting on chainmail armor to in preparation to publish media content here, that is a thing of past.

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The DVR Awakens: A Fall 2015 Genre Show Guide

Earlier this week, whilst casually perusing TheFutonCritic.com Fall 2015 grid, I found an abnormally large number of Genre shows jumping out, sinking their claws into my ears, and shouting “Watch me ya bum! Watch me dammit!”

When I say there are a lot of offerings this season, I kid you not!! Hard to believe that 4 years ago, Genre shows were slim pickings at best, and maybe, just maybe, a few were worth getting excited about (like the Walking Dead, Dr. Who, American Horror Story, Grimm, and Once Upon a Time). The success of these shows, along with Spring offerings the following year, like Game of Thrones, seem to have awoken more than just the major networks realization of the infinite potential for the fantasy, science fiction, and horror genres. They are embracing it!

Having perused the trailers, there are some exciting and cooltastic shows which are going to ignite our TV, computer, and hand-held device screens with boundless wonder, macabre, intense drama, and imaginatively crafted visual storytelling over the next few months!!

So without further ado...

Once Upon a Time/Season 5/ABC/Premieres September 27th
A diamond in the rough show for me. The creative forces behind it spin golden threads on twisting classic fairy tales, both in fantasyland and throwing them into the modern world, as finely as Rumpelstiltskin himself...

The Simpsons/Season 27/Fox/Premieres September 27th
If i’m not mistaken, this is longest running scripted show in history. They still got it! Very happy we have another Treehouse of Horror episode this Halloween!
Honorable Mention: Check out Bob’s Burgers too! There was no video promo for this season, but that show is beyond hilarious!

Fear the Walking Dead/Season 1/AMC/Premiered August 23rd
This spin-off series chronicles societies collapse as the zombies outbreak occurs. Creatively a bold endeavor. Well worth watching!!

The Walking Dead/Season 5/AMC/Premieres October 11th
Last season Rick said “We are the Walking Dead.” The intensity of this show is not the zombies and gore, but the emotion and brutality of the human condition. This trailer shows that sanctuary is not necessarily safety...

Into the Badlands/Season 1/AMC/Premieres November 14
This show looks so badass...

The Leftovers/Season 2/HBO/Premieres October 4th
2% of the population disappears, what are you going to do? This season continues this brilliant concept of a show...

The Affair/Season 2/Showtime/Premieres October 4th
A murder mystery told from the different perspectives of each participant having an affair. The perspectives don’t necessarily match. Masterful storytelling...

Castle/Season 8/ABC/Premieres September 21st
“Hey Cas,” you are most certainly asking, "why you featuring this show? It ain’t no Genre show.”
Good question random strangers. I am not a huge fan of this show, episodes tend to be more procedural than murder mystery for my tastes. However, it stars Nathan Fillon, and I’m a huge fan. In an ideal world, we would be on season 14 of Firefly...

Scorpion/Season 2/CBS/Premieres September 21st
Missed season 1 of this one. Looks like CBS’ version of Marvel’s Agents of Shield. Will be giving it a look-see. Looks entertaining...

Supergirl/Season 1/CBS/Premieres October 26th
Wha? CBS has a super hero show?! The procedural crime drama network doing a super hero show?! We all must be in the Bizzaro universe..

Blindspot/Season 1/NBC/Premieres September 21st
Reminds this geek of the Fifth Element in tone and style. That was a righteous movie! Gonna check this one out...

Gotham/Season 2/Fox/Premieres September 21st
Conceptually a brilliant show. Gotham before Batman. Gordon before he became commissioner. Super villains without a super hero to keep them in check. Stoked we get a 2nd season...

Minority Report/Season 1/Fox/Premieres September 21st
As a fan of the movie, I have high hopes for this one, and…um…for Fox’s demonstrated history of killing good Genre shows before they get their footing is a thing of the past...

X-Files/Season 10/Fox/Premiers January 24th/Airs Monday January 25th
There are 2 show reboots that are giving me a full-fledged geekgasm. This is one of them...

Lucifer/Season 1/Fox/Premiere unannounced
Hm. The devil gives a shit...

Fargo/Season 2/FX/Premieres October 12th
If you’ve seen the movie and/or watched season 1, I know your gonna be watching on Oct. 12th. If you haven’t, watch the movie and/or season 1. After you do, you'll be there for the season premiere. Trust me, you won’t have a choice. It is that good...

The Expanse/Season 1/SyFy/Premieres December 14th
SyFy has this history of producing either complete crap or some of the most phenomenal shows on TV (Farscape, Battlestar Galactica). This one promises to be the later...

The Muppets/Season 1/ABC/Premieres September 22nd
~~Insert bald, bearded geek guy flailing arms wildly above his head while running back and forth along the length of his house shouting: “YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!”~~

Marvel’s Agents of Shield/Season 3/ABC/Premieres September 29th
The Inhuman storyline had me geeking out, especially the later half of last season. Aching to see where they take this season...

Marvel’s Agent Carter/Season 2/ABC/Premiere unannounced
When you take the period piece element, underlying parallel of the Captain America radio show, the views of our late 1940’s culture, embed it in the Marvel Universe, you get one amazing show. Cannot wait for season 2...

Limitless/Season 1/CBS/Premieres September 22nd
"You take the blue pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill - you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.” -Morpheus, The Matrix...

Flash/Season 2/CW/Premieres October 3rd
I must admit I missed season 1. After seeing this trailer, realized the show is different than my initial impression. Will be caught up by the 3rd...

From Dust Till Dawn/Season 2/El Rey/Premiered August 25th
Whoa! This is a series. The movie was kickass! Going to be checking this one out for sure!!

The Bastard Executioner/Season 1/FX/Premieres September 15th
I like my fantasy stories gritty, brutal, and realistic. This one seems it will not disappoint...

Manhattan/Season 2/WGN/Premieres October 13th
I totally did not know this one existed. A period drama about the building of the Atomic Bomb. Good thing the cable nets like us to catch up. Which we will. Which we will...

Arrow/Season 4/CW/Premieres October 7th
Neal McDonough taking up the role of the villain Damien Darhk has got this geek excited! Neal’s role as Robert Quarles in Justified was phenomenal! It will be a great season!!

Supernatural/Season 11/CW/Premieres October 11
Good to see the Winchester boys are still mucking up the underworld...

American Horror Story/Season 5/FX/Premieres October 7th
After last season’s masterpiece, you can count on us being busy on October 7th...

Heroes: Reborn/Season 5/NBC/Premieres September 24th
I had a full-on geekgasm when I learned they were bringing Heroes back. Straight up, Heroes’ initial run was not without it’s problems. There is no denying the bookend seasons (1st & 4th) were masterful in their storytelling. The reboot has got me quaking with excitement. Quaking!! The September 24th premiere is so close, yet so far away

Sleepy Hollow/Season 3/Fox/Premieres October 1st
Having a hard time grasping that Fox hasn’t released a promo for this season. Oh wait! It’s Fox :/
(video pending)

The Vampire Diaries/Season 7/CW/Premieres October 8th
In past seasons this show would layer different interconnecting storylines which merged into a climatic mid-season and season finalies. Hoping they keep it up this season...

The Originals/Season 3/CW/Premieres October 8th
Might finally be checking this show out this season. Looks more intense and much darker than Vampire Diaries...

Grimm/Season 5/NBC/Premieres October 30th
Another show I have lost track of over the last couple of years. Though I have many a friend (real and substantial, not imaginary…sheesh) whose opinions I trust calling me out for losing track of this one. Looks like some stuff went down over the last 2 years. Certainly won't be wasting any time catching up...

Reign/Season 3/CW/Premieres October 11th
I do not watch this show. However, it does have merit to mention here. It is one of the rare shows that is an historical period piece, more akin to the Tutors than Game of Thrones. I like storylines to be layered and full of intrigue, and this show has real history to draw from to pull that off!!

Continuum/Season 4/SyFy/Premieres September 11th
If you like time travel stories, and the consequences, or personal benefits (as in case of some of the characters), this show is well worth a look-see. Sad to hear it is on it’s final season, really enjoying the ride...

Z Nation/Season 2/SyFy/Premieres September 11th
This season features Washington State’s beautiful Palouse region for a backdrop in a gore-ridden, post-apocolyptic world...

Dr. Who/Season 9/BBCA/Premieres September 19th
I am a huge fan of this extraordinary show. “I want to kiss it to death.” Especially after that last scene in the trailer...

The Last Kingdom/Season 1/BBCA/Premieres October 10th
A historical period piece with the brutality and political intrigue of Game of Thrones. Count me in!

Da Vinci’s Demon’s/Season 3/STARZ/Premieres October 24th
I have not seen this one...yet. We just got STARZ. Hoping there will be some catch up weekends. If not, I’ll be watching this season anyway. It is rare for me to do that, very obsessive/compulsive about starting shows from the beginning. But that trailer hooked me, & good...

Ash vs Evil Dead/Season 1/STARZ/Premieres October 31st

The Returned/Season 2/Sundance/Premiere unannounced
The Sundance Channel gives this French take of the undead a second life...

Yep, that about wraps up fall 2015 Genre premieres. Happy to see the Major Nets creating more shows outside their typical safety zone of the procedural dramas and sitcoms.

As always, if you notice I overlooked or missed something (which is very likely, there was a lot of crap to sort through), post it in the comments. I'd really like to see it!

Looking ahead, the Winter/Spring 2016 offerings so far are promising to have as many (if not more) new and returning Genre shows heading our way. Some of them look outright mind-blowing!! Can’t wait to get my hands on that line up, and geek out on the trailers!!

As I bid y’all a fond farewell, leaving ya one more trailer for all you Trek Next Gen & X-Men fans out there. A series call Blunt Talk staring Patrick Stewart in a very non-traditional role. hehe...



Wha?! Has it really been 2 years??!!

Yep. That's gonna change. For sure...


Halloween is nigh!!

I'm baaaaaaaaaack!!


DVR Ready. DVR Aim. DVR...huh?...um...well, just take it easy this season

In a world where genre movies make up the clear majority of the top 100 highest grossing movies, the video game industry is a multi-billion dollar business, & modern pop culture is saturated w/ genre references, it boggles my mind why the networks can't seem to capitalize on this. Sure, a few like HBO & AMC seem to have figured it out. However, the 2011-12 fall premieres have the feel that the powers behind the major networks have gone all genre shy...yet again.

With that said, this year's genre TV highlights are looking like I can fit it all in one entry. With the majority of the shows represented being returning shows...seriously, there is not much new genre programming coming out this year at all. This makes me sad. Can't help but wonder how many great concepts were passed upon 'cuz some network programmer was too short sighted to see, much less realize, a valuable & entertaining potential.

Whining aside, here's the 2011-12 genre previews:

The Walking Dead, AMC, Premieres 10/16
A show that will eat away at your brain, literally.

Hell On Wheels, AMC, Premieres 11/6
Intense period drama set during the construction of the railroads. It's AMC, so checking it out.

Boardwalk Empire, HBO, Premieres 9/25
Probably won't have HBO, but if I can swing it, I'll be watching this one for sure.

Dexter, Showtime, Premieres 10/2
One of two shows that leaves me sorely tempted to subscribe to Showtime.

Homeland, Showtime, Premieres 10/2
If the series delivers what the trailer promises, then this will be a show worth watching.

Once Upon A Time, ABC, Premieres 10/23
It is from ABC, so I have trepidations. Conceptually a brilliant fantasy though.

Hawaii 5-0, CBS, Premieres 9/19
Lame ass trailer...sorry...but this show has exceeded expectations before. Also, they continue to get my vote as to the best casted show.

Terra Nova, Fox, Premieres 9/26
Wait, I think I've seen this before. BBC's Outcasts? Jurassic Park? Earth 2? Land of the Lost?
Not selling it, 'cuz I ain't sold. Will check out the premiere and go from there.

Ringer, CW, Premieres 9/13
Buffy returns to TV! That alone is worth checking out the premiere.

Sons of Anarchy, FX, Premieres 9/6
Movie length premiere looks badass.

Whitechapel, BBCA, Premieres 10/26
The only Wednesday show that has caught my attention. Otherwise it looks like the other nets have kept their schedule clear for Simon Cowell's new thing on Fox.

The Vampire Diaries, CW, Premieres 9/15
The writers behind this show have a superpower. Their ability is to weave 3 or more story lines throughout the season. I like it, 'cuz you know as the various plot lines develop, they are eventually going to overlap, & not in a way that is good for the Elena & the Salvatores.

The Secret Circle, CW, Premieres 9/15
From the producers of The Vampire Diaries, only w/ witches. Hesitant, but will give it a few episodes to see if they can reproduce the magic spell they cast w/ The Vampire Diaries.

Charlie's AngelsABC, Premieres 9/22
Looks like ABC is trying to do what CBS did with Hawii Five-0.

Nikita, CW, Premieres 9/23
Best Nikita incarnation to date. Last season this show did not disappoint, this season looks no different.

Supernatural, CW, Premieres 9/23
Last season the new show runners kicked Supernatural up a notch. With Castiel's god-complex, this season is promising more of the same.

Fringe, Fox, Premieres 9/23
Considering Fox has a history of moving shows to Fridays to run off episodes before canceling them, my jaw dropped when I heard about Fringe's renewal. It is one of my favorite shows, so happy to get at least one more season.

Chuck, NBC, Premieres 10/21
Final season :(

Grimm, NBC, Premieres 10/21
Will have to wait until Fringe &/or Supernatural are in reruns to check this one out. Keeping fingers crossed NBC encores it on Saturday or on Sy-Fy.

Sanctuary, Sy-Fy, Premieres 10/6
A guilty pleasure of a show, but the good episodes make for great TV.

Bedlam, BBCA, Premieres 10/1
Show set to follow Dr. Who's current season. Looks interesting, worth checking out.

That is it for this season's genre shows. Special thanks to thefutoncritic.com for providing the TV grid where I grabbed the above schedules & premiere dates.

Happy Watching!


Headphones Recommended: The Unrepresented

This is the 12th installment of Headphones Recommended. It is also the final installment of Volume 2 (maxed out my 1GB limit for the current podcastmachine.com account). Though the 1st installment of Volume 1 wasn't published until 11/22/10, I had the Headphones Recommended concept in mind since the previous July (yes, it did take me a long time to dig up podcastmachine.com's embeddable player). So, in a way, Headphones Recommended is over a year old. To celebrate this milestone, thought I'd share some Headphones Recommended stats w/ y'all:

-Total # of Songs (including this installment): 265
-Total # of Artists/Bands Represented (including this installment): 208
-Total # of Albums In Library when the 1st Headphones Recommended was Published: 265
-Total # of Albums In Library when the 12th Headphones Recommended is Published: 1670
-Artists/Bands Represented 4 or More Times: Yeah Yeah Yeahs & Silversun Pickups
-Artists/Bands Represented 3 Times: Arctic Monkeys, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Built to Spill, Cave Singers, Dog Faced Hermans, The Dutchess & The Duke, Lucinda Williams, Neko Case, PJ Harvey, & Sleater-Kinney
-Artists/Bands Represented 2 Times: There are 31 of them, too many to list.
-Artists/Bands Represented 1 Time: There are 165 of them...if I didn't list 31, sure as hell ain't listing over a 150.
-Plans For a Volume 3? You bet!

Of course I had to do something special for the Volume 2 finale. Theme behind this installment is all artists included have not been represented in a previous Headphones Recommended installment. If you've been following these, then you are no stranger to my whining about how I initially grossly overshoot the 80 minute limit, & the melodramatic descriptives of painfully eliminating tracks to meet this time limit. These tracks end up in an overflow playlist. The vast majority of this compilation was pulled from the overflow playlist.


Track List
1. The Henry Clay People | Working Part Time | Somewhere On the Golden Coast
2. Mates Of State | Get Better | Re-Arrange Us
3. Drawn From Bees | Waiting For The End | And The Blind Shall Lead The Way
4. Miike Snow | Sans Soleil | Miike Snow
5. The Corin Tucker Band | Handed Love | 1,000 Years
6. Papercuts | Do You Really Wanna Know | Fading Parade
7. Some Velvet Morning | Stolen Love Song | Silence Will Kill You
8. Easy Star All-Stars | Karma Police | Radiodread
9. Crooked Still | Mountain Jumper | Shaken By A Low Sound
10. The Raconteurs | These Stones Will Shout | Consolers Of The Lonely
11. KT Tunstall | (Still A) Weirdo | Tiger Suit
12. The Funeral Drums | There's No Answer | Chaos on the Rise <--Could not find source that sells this album online, please comment if you find one 13. Excuse 17 | Two Faced | Excuse 17
14.Dead Beats | Conveyer | Wake Up
15. Son Volt | Live Free | Trace
16. What Made Milwaukee Famous | Self-Destruct | What Doesn't Kill Us
17. Plan B | Writing's On the Wall | The Defamation of Strickland Banks
18. Winter Gloves | We Need New Transportation | All Red
19. Jenny And Johnny | My Pet Snakes | I'm Having Fun Now
20. Sarah Dougher | Keep Me | The Bluff
21. Gatsbys American Dream | The Guilt Engine | Volcano
22. Dum Dum Girls | Yours Alone | I Will Be
23. The Waco Brothers | Hell's Roof | Waco Express: Live and Kickin' at Schubas Tavern, Chicago

If you ain't down w/ cuss'n, then don't listen.


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Headphones Recommended: What Exactly Is the "Alternative" Genre?

Don't know about you, but I find how music industry handles their genre classifications infuriating.

What is especially infuriating, is people who work within the music industry seem to use "Alternative" as a dump genre. It is like they think, "hmmm, I really don't know exactly what this is, so let's just label it Alternative." This just isn't limited to the Alternative genre, it is like the people behind classifying music really don't have a clue as what exactly a good portion of their product is. It is personal interpretation to a fault in many ways. When looking at genre listings (any of them...after all, we've all seen major label releases classified as "Indie"...wtf?!), you don't really know for sure what you're going to get until you listen to it & correct the genre listing in your library.

Take a look at every other art medium & you'll find they have a pretty good handle on their genres. If a book is tagged "fantasy", you pretty much know the type of story you're going to get. Same w/ movies in the "horror" section at the video store, & "sci-fi" when it comes to a TV show (the exception being SyFy channel reality shows, but we all know they're all on crack). Even the art industry has a handle on their descriptive genres (which has a lot of room for personal interpretation). If a painter is tagged as "Abstract", that is pretty much what your going to get from them.

Just so this isn't a total whine of a blog post, the music industry is unique in another way too. It is the only industry that after an artist releases their work (an album), the songs on that album remain lucid. Meaning as the artist practices/performs the songs, they inevitably tweak them over time, so the song you hear live (6 months, a year, etc.) down the road more than likely is slightly different (improved...hopefully) from the version released on CD. Works from the publishing, movie, TV, art industries are concrete in their releases, and no matter how much the artist might want to change this small thing here or there, they can't w/o taking the product off the market or redoing it entirely.

Thanks for reading my rant, feel free & listen to some Alternative songs...

Track List
1. Controller.Controller | Disco Blackout | History
2. Zoey Van Goey | You Told The Drunks I Knew Karate | Propeller Versus Wings
3. Pretty Girls Make Graves | Blue Lights | The New Romance
4. Spoon | Everything Hits At Once | Girls Can Tell
5. Hammerbox | Kept House | Hammerbox
6. Pere Ubu | Oh Catherine | Worlds In Collision
7. The Unicorns | Tuff Ghost | Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone?
8. Little Comets | Her Black Eyes | In Search Of Elusive Little Comets
9. The Joy Formidable | Buoy | The Big Roar
10. The Flaming Lips | I Can Be A Frog | Embryonic
11. Fever Ray | Seven | Fever Ray
12. Cadallaca | Two Beers Later | Introducing Cadallaca
13. say hi | Sister Needs A Settle | um, uh oh
14. Crystal Stilts | Invisible City | In Love With Oblivion
15. Ocean Colour Scene | Policemen & Pirates | Moseley Shoals
16. Band of Skulls | Hollywood Bowl | Baby Darling Doll Face Honey
17. Man Man | Dark Arts | Life Fantastic
18. The Sugarcubes | Pump | Here Today, Tomorrow Next Week!
19. Daniel Johnston | Love Not Dead | The Late, Great Daniel Johnston Discovered Covered
20. Talking Heads | Houses In Motion | Remain In Light

If ya don't like cuss'n, then don't listen.


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