Third Incarnation Season 1 Outline

What follows is a brief outline of Season/Volume 1 of a concept I'm developing. It is very basic, just keywords to help me remember what occurs in that particular chapter (see previous blog entry for more details).

Right now, I'm thinking of this as a TV show. Whenever I think up TV show concepts, I think of them in terms of ideal case scenario (22 episode seasons) & realistic case (13 episode seasons). For the sake of this blog project, I'm going to assume major network full season pick up (ideal case scenario). Why not? After all, this will most likely be a comic book.

Titles w/o quotes are tentative titles & will be changed (several times) throughout this process.

Season 1 outline:

Ep101- "Yesterday"
Ep102- The Rider, aka: I don't want to forget
Ep103- Chelan, aka: Humans can't have weapons
Ep104- Koplin, aka: Hit me like you mean it, it has to look real
Ep105- Port & Aael, aka: Whatever you do, don't touch it
Ep106- City of the Sun, aka: That thing cannot step foot on this sacred soil
Ep107- City of the Sun, aka: The steak is tough, the cow walked the 3000 kilometers with us
Ep108- Crimson Storm, aka: What are you all afraid of, it's a kitten
Ep109- "General of the Unseen Army"
Ep110- Prison Life, aka: Won't they kill me if I'm holding this? Then drop it when they see you.
Ep111- Hunted, aka, It was a sound plan, don't know how it went so wrong
Ep112- Interlude: Raesputin, aka: You still want to hear how I lost my wings
Ep113- Serpent God's Lair - Celebration, aka: I've never been w/ a human
Ep114- Serpent God's Lair - Permanent Guests, aka: There's something moving in your hair
Ep115- Serpent God's Lair- Escape Plan...again, aka: I am sworn to protect my deity.
Ep116- The Rasp, aka: Take the shroom from my tail, no more than one. They are powerful
Ep117- Interlude: The Perch, aka, Aviate Politics is test of mortality and chance
Ep118-Witch Hunt, aka: All is forgiven, sometime in the next year, I'll owe you my freedom
Ep119-The Opposition- Dominic Rygel, the Man From Yesterday
Ep120- Interlude: Lowell's Discovery, aka: Your hand's not burnt
Ep121-The Opposition- Aviate Civil War, aka: Sometimes minor demons have morals
Ep122-House of Dreams, aka: Step where I step, exactly as I step

That's it for today. Think the next couple of blogs will focus on background info for the world this is set in.


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