In Development - Third Incarnation: A brief note on races

This is an entry outlining elements which make up the world of the Third Incarnation. Hope it gives y'all a more rounded view of the backdrop behind the story...aka: it is some additional info so you know what the frell I'm talking about.

As the later volumes of the story progress, in an ideal world, I'd like to hit upon all the world's mythologies (Eastern, Mayan, Native American, the sheer variety of African mythology, pre- & early civilization, etc). For the sake of familiarity, the 1st volume of the series will focus heavily on inspirations by Western/Tolkien mythologies.

With that said, here are some of the key races you'll see in the first volume:

Humans: After a controversial genocidal judgment by the Aviate, Humans were hunted down to near extinction. Less than 3 million are living worldwide, & most located on the border of the glaciers encasing the northern hemisphere known as the "Drift". Most are tribal & nomadic. However, what we know as "modern" luxuries are still part of life.

Aviate: After the first 'Reformation', the Aviate were entrusted by the Gods to maintain order amongst the races. They are a bird race, their facial structure is similar to owls. As a result of this ordained laziness of the Gods, no other race is allowed to have a central government, by Aviate law. The Aviate themselves are governed by a system to give no one group/Aviate too much power...in theory. First there is the King or Queen. Their power is balanced by a council of Ministers. Each Minister is chosen by a group of peers (other Ministers) & governs over a segment deemed essential for peace & prosperity of all races by the Gods. Ministries include:
1) Ministry of Health (science),
2) Ministry of Arts (magic),
3) Ministry of Peace (military),
4) Ministry of Rights (Judicial),
5) Ministry of Beliefs (religions),
6) Ministry of Prosperity (business),
7) Ministry of the Gate (nobody really knows, & they ain't telling).

75% of all Aviate live in the Perch, a gigantic architecture taller than most mountains. It is believed they make up less than 1% of the total population on earth (though only the Aviate know for sure, since they are in charge of the census). This is why they utilize the 'Talon', a local (& anonymously masked) policing agents to enforce their rule.

Frae: The "common" race. Humans call them "Elves". The Frae thrive because they are adaptable equally between magic & science. They are nowhere near extinct, actually outnumber all other races combined at least 2:1. One of my many conscious decisions not to fall into the fantasy cliche trap. As a result of their affinity to both magic & science, there are many 'mutations' amongst the "Prime" race. For example, the Wasteland sub-race (which lives in the area we know as the Sahara desert) have antenna instead of eyebrows to better feel out wind shifts which precede sudden & deadly sandstorms.

Walvian: another race victim of an Aviate genocide verdict. Humans call them "Dwarfs". They insist (often secretly) of following the rule of their King over that of the Aviate. Though shorter in stature & broader in build, it is rare to see a Walvian w/ an unkempt beard & pipe in hand (scratch that, there might be a pipe, but not necessarily a tobacco pipe). Style Walvians prefer is similar to that found in the early 1950's...our 'Man From Yesterday' might or might not call it 'Rockabilly'.

Naxul: "Orcs" by Human tongue. One of the things I want to do w/ this race is break from the cliche. Instead of a group of bloodthirsty monsters serving a dark master, they are intelligent & hard working, trying to get by in a world which despises & fears them. True they are bloodthirsty warriors, but they are also independent individuals, whom embrace any anarchy w/n the Aviate legal system. Named the race as one of many nods towards Farscape, 'Naxul" is "Luxan" spelled backwards.

Apilion: One of the enslaved races by the Aviate. "Nymph" by almost every other tongue. They are bi-pedal, humanoid versions of butterflies. However, if the wings of their females are cut off before puberty, the chemistry that would normally create their brilliant wings instead adds a very stimulating sensation to their bodily fluids (especially sweat and natural sexual lubricants...oh yes I'm going there, & it will be epic). The Apilion plight is a big focus of Volume/Season 2.

Gobelion: another enslaved race by the Aviate. They are primarily used for tracking due to their large, deformed noses. They seem like a docile race, almost dog-like in their submissiveness. But then again, Humans call them "Goblins" for a reason...

That's it for now...even given y'all a couple of extra tidbits I didn't originally intend. Next up are the core characters, & just might include a few of the important reoccurring casts members who'll be popping up throughout the 1st volume/season.


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