Casual Rants is moving Live Journal!!

Link: Casual Rants

Yesterday while attempting to post my entry, I suddenly found myself in an epic battle with Blogger to get the media content formatted correctly. Most particularly that Supernatural video sizing, Blogger just wouldn't allow me to correct it on the HTML screen. As a test, I started a Live Journal account, and mirrored the DVR Awakens post (see above link). Completed the post in a third of the time. Also, the HTML page allowed me to fix the above mentioned Supernatural video sizing issue.

Am I done done with Blogger?

As far as original entries, yes!

I will continue to post links here when I do my bigger entries, but as far as mentally sharpening swords and putting on chainmail armor to in preparation to publish media content here, that is a thing of past.

See y'all over on Casual Rants!!


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