Headphones Recommended: Chillax, yo.

This is for one of those days where low-key/down tempo is what the mood calls for. So turn off your lights (& light some candles if you like...me, I'm more of a lava lamp person), & just chill out from the day.

1) Built To Spill | Things Fall Apart | There Is No Enemy
2) Mazzy Star | Fade Into You | So Tonight That I Might See
3) Au Revoir Simone | Another Likely Story | Still Night, Still Light
4) PJ Harvey | The Desperate Kingdom of Love | Uh Huh Her
5) Spoon | I Saw the Light | Transference
6) Death Cab For Cutie | Your New Twin Sized Bed | Narrow Stairs
7) Lucinda Williams | Knowing | Little Honey
8) The Duchess & The Duke | New Shadow | Sunset / Sunrise
9) Halou | Present Tense | We Only Love You (Edition Two)
10) The Cave Singers | Called | Invitation Songs
11) Mary Lou Lord | By the Time It Gets Dark | Live City Sounds
12) Joseph Arthur | Even Tho | Our Shadows Will Remain
13) Neko Case | Prison Girls | Middle Cyclone
14) Monsters of Folk | Map of the World | Monsters Of Folk
15) Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby | I Still Miss Someone | Wreckless Eric And Amy Rigby
16) Lykke Li | Window Blues | Youth Novels
17) Ani Difranco | Callous | Knuckle Down
18) The Rolling Stones | Sympathy For the Devil | Beggars Banquet

Some songs contain cuss'n. If it offends, don't listen.


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Headphones Recommended: The 12.10.10 Soundtrack
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Headphones Recommended: The 12.10.10 Soundtrack

It is no secret that I have many issues with iTunes and their iPod shuffle. A blog post all in itself for sure. However, every once in awhile the tracks that surface from the pool of 650 - 725 (limited to an 8GB phone unfortunately) are in sync w/ what I want/need to hear. This happened to me on 12-10-10. All but 5 tracks are essentially my porch smoking, bus riding, & walking soundtrack from the 10th. ...& of those 5 exceptions, 2 were from the 9th.

What I am truly excited about this particular compilation is all albums included were acquired w/n the last 2 weeks. Thanks to the SPL, I pick up 13-18 new albums a week. Not to mention, Amazon.com's MP3 store has dozens of free samplers from dozens of labels. Between those 2 sources, there has been plenty of new music to explore. Exploring that culminated into an incredible mix of music on the 10th.

It was a good day.

What you're listening too...
1) Dead Weather | Bone House | Horehound
2) Them Crooked Vultures | Interlude With Ludes | Them Crooked Vultures
3) Bright Eyes | Gold Mine Gutted | Digital Ash In A Digital Urn
4) Antlers | Epilogue | Hospice
5) Elbow | Not A Job | Cast Of Thousands
6) Massive Attack | Special Cases | 100th Window
7) Hacienda | She's Got A Hold On Me | Loud is the Night (From the Alive Records 2009 Sampler)
8) Honeychild Coleman | Never Goin' Home | Halo Inside (Come La Luna) (from the Boldaslove.us Presents: Fire In The Dark sampler)
9) Strokes | The Modern Age | Is This It?
10) Xx | Shelter | xx
11) Helio Sequence | Lately | Keep Your Eyes Ahead
12) Robyn Hitchcock | N.Y. Doll | Olé! Tarantula
13) Say Hi | Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh | Oohs & Aahs (from the Barsuk Records: 2009 Amazon Digital Sampler)
14) Dog Faced Hermans | Les femmes et les filles vont danser | Those Deep Buds
15) Twilight Sad | The Neighbours Can't Breathe | Forget the Night Ahead
16) Pinback | 3x0 | Summer In Abaddon
17) Camera Obscura | You Told A Lie | My Maudlin Career
18) Heavy Trash | That Ain't Right | Going Way Out With Heavy Trash
19) Metric | Raw Sugar | Grow Up and Blow Away
20) White Stripes | A Martyr For My Love For You | Icky Thump
21) Nada Surf | Blankest Year | The Weight Is A Gift

Just so you're warned, some songs contain words which people who don't live in the real world might find offensive. So if you don't like cuss'n, then don't listen.


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Headphones Recommended: Great Songs From Fave Bands