Headphones Recommended: The Unrepresented

This is the 12th installment of Headphones Recommended. It is also the final installment of Volume 2 (maxed out my 1GB limit for the current podcastmachine.com account). Though the 1st installment of Volume 1 wasn't published until 11/22/10, I had the Headphones Recommended concept in mind since the previous July (yes, it did take me a long time to dig up podcastmachine.com's embeddable player). So, in a way, Headphones Recommended is over a year old. To celebrate this milestone, thought I'd share some Headphones Recommended stats w/ y'all:

-Total # of Songs (including this installment): 265
-Total # of Artists/Bands Represented (including this installment): 208
-Total # of Albums In Library when the 1st Headphones Recommended was Published: 265
-Total # of Albums In Library when the 12th Headphones Recommended is Published: 1670
-Artists/Bands Represented 4 or More Times: Yeah Yeah Yeahs & Silversun Pickups
-Artists/Bands Represented 3 Times: Arctic Monkeys, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Built to Spill, Cave Singers, Dog Faced Hermans, The Dutchess & The Duke, Lucinda Williams, Neko Case, PJ Harvey, & Sleater-Kinney
-Artists/Bands Represented 2 Times: There are 31 of them, too many to list.
-Artists/Bands Represented 1 Time: There are 165 of them...if I didn't list 31, sure as hell ain't listing over a 150.
-Plans For a Volume 3? You bet!

Of course I had to do something special for the Volume 2 finale. Theme behind this installment is all artists included have not been represented in a previous Headphones Recommended installment. If you've been following these, then you are no stranger to my whining about how I initially grossly overshoot the 80 minute limit, & the melodramatic descriptives of painfully eliminating tracks to meet this time limit. These tracks end up in an overflow playlist. The vast majority of this compilation was pulled from the overflow playlist.


Track List
1. The Henry Clay People | Working Part Time | Somewhere On the Golden Coast
2. Mates Of State | Get Better | Re-Arrange Us
3. Drawn From Bees | Waiting For The End | And The Blind Shall Lead The Way
4. Miike Snow | Sans Soleil | Miike Snow
5. The Corin Tucker Band | Handed Love | 1,000 Years
6. Papercuts | Do You Really Wanna Know | Fading Parade
7. Some Velvet Morning | Stolen Love Song | Silence Will Kill You
8. Easy Star All-Stars | Karma Police | Radiodread
9. Crooked Still | Mountain Jumper | Shaken By A Low Sound
10. The Raconteurs | These Stones Will Shout | Consolers Of The Lonely
11. KT Tunstall | (Still A) Weirdo | Tiger Suit
12. The Funeral Drums | There's No Answer | Chaos on the Rise <--Could not find source that sells this album online, please comment if you find one 13. Excuse 17 | Two Faced | Excuse 17
14.Dead Beats | Conveyer | Wake Up
15. Son Volt | Live Free | Trace
16. What Made Milwaukee Famous | Self-Destruct | What Doesn't Kill Us
17. Plan B | Writing's On the Wall | The Defamation of Strickland Banks
18. Winter Gloves | We Need New Transportation | All Red
19. Jenny And Johnny | My Pet Snakes | I'm Having Fun Now
20. Sarah Dougher | Keep Me | The Bluff
21. Gatsbys American Dream | The Guilt Engine | Volcano
22. Dum Dum Girls | Yours Alone | I Will Be
23. The Waco Brothers | Hell's Roof | Waco Express: Live and Kickin' at Schubas Tavern, Chicago

If you ain't down w/ cuss'n, then don't listen.


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