Headphones Recommended: Amidst Hell & High Water

This one took some doing. A few weeks ago, I perused the 'ol recently played list & threw all the songs I liked onto the playlist I set aside for this compilation. Found my jaw slightly a gap when I saw the total time exceeded 4 hours. It took a couple of weeks to whittled it down to 80 minutes, a very excruciating & emotional task at times.

To top it off, I kept adding more songs...such is the price of having so much new music on hand. It seriously took 3 days to break below the 2 hour mark. There was a lot of eliminating songs, listening to the comp, re-adding songs, eliminating other songs, re-listening, repeat. Even today I switched out the Wye Oak song w/ the one I just listened to earlier.

All in all, turned out to be a really fun process, & I'm very happy w/ the results (especially considering I've listened to most of these songs at least 5 times over the last week).

It is my hope you start this only to realize you've lost 80 minutes after the last track fades.

1. Randi Russo | Invitation | Fragile Animal
2. Blind Pilot | One Red Thread | 3 Rounds And A Sound
3. The Strokes | Machu Picchu | Angles
4. Man Man | Spooky Jookie | Life Fantastic
5. Dog Faced Hermans | Wings | Hum Of Life
6. The Cinematics | All These Things | Love and Terror
7. Yeah Yeah Yeahs | Our Time | Yeah Yeah Yeahs
8. The Twilight Singers | Waves | Dynamite Steps
9. The Heavy | Short Change Hero | The House That Dirt Built
10. Freelance Whales | Ghosting | Weathervanes
11. Dessa | Momento Mori | A Badly Broken Code
12. Smith Westerns | Only One | Dye It Blonde
13. Jupiter One | Come On | Sunshower
14. Tegan And Sara | Fix You Up | So Jealous
15. Motopony | Wake up | Motopony
16. Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions | For The Rest Of Your Life | Through The Devil Softly
17. Giant Sand | Better Man Than Me | Blurry Blue Mountain
18. Ravenna Woods | In The World | Demons & Lakes
19. Wye Oak | Civilian | Civilian
20. The National | Mistaken For Strangers | Boxer

BTW, if you don't like the cuss'n, then don't listen.


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