DVR Ready. DVR Aim. DVR Record. Fall 2010. Part 3 Thursday Friday

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Part 3 wraps up the work week in style. A lot of my favorite shows are air on these days. To be honest, I can't really say anything more that won't be repeated below. So let us just get to it...

The most competitive day ratings-wise. It is good to see a growing presence of genre shows. If people on average watch TV on Thursdays, why not offer an alternative to the long shark jumped CSI and more sitcoms than you can shake a stick at? A couple of networks have done just that. You can count on me to be sitting on my couch w/ beer & remote in hand watching them. Read on...

Premieres 9/23, Fox

I love this trailer on so many levels. I love this show. After the absolutely cruel cliffhanger that closed last season, I have been counting the days until the 3rd season premiere.

Premieres 9/9, CW

If you can get past the CW-ized social event of the week. If you can get past the obviously influenced by Twilight design & look. Then you will discover an amazing TV show. Based on a books series of the same name, the Vampire Diaries is riveting (for a lack of a better word). Well written, well acted, & overall well executed.

Premieres 9/9, CW

There have been many incarnations of Nikita in both film and TV. CW's version, however, breaks from the traditional portrayal of the character & story. That has really peaked my interest. Nikita is promising to be one bad ass & thrilling ride. Can't wait to check it out.

Thursday Honorable Mention

The Apprentice (Premieres 9/16, NBC): Thank goodness they ditched those overly polite & considerate celebrities. Now the boardroom is going to interesting again. The contestants don't have public images to protect and won't hesitate to throw one another under the bus.

I told myself I wouldn't mention anything about Sy-Fy channel airing WWE Smackdown on Fridays. So I am not going to point out that they are preempting 12+ years of their anchor programming night (Sci-Fridays) for wresting?! WTF!

Premieres 9/24, CW

Zod made a great villain last season. He was intelligent, well thought out, & brilliantly portrayed. There were actually times you doubted he was a villain at all, so well written the character was. How do you top Zod for Smallville's final season? With Darkseid of course. Can't wait to see how they portray him.

Premieres 9/24, CW

Except for a fan shot clip from SDCC, new footage for Supernatural's 6th season is impossible to find. Considering that there is a new creative team overseeing the show, this means the new season is either really, really good, or horrible. Also considering the new show runners have been on staff since season's 1 &/or 2, I'm banking on really, really good.

Premieres 9/24, CBS

Define irony. Irony is when a network (NBC) cancels a show (Medium), that show is picked up by another network (CBS), & 3 years later becomes the sole survivor of CBS' Friday night line up. If you haven't had the opportunity, I highly recommend you check Medium out. It is a great mix of drama, suspense (I'm talking the sit at the edge of your seat kind), & surreality. NBC was stupid for letting this one go...then again, w/ the whole Conan/Leno debacle, NBC has proven they're not the brightest light bulb on the network chandelier.

Premieres 10/1, Fox

Between CBS moving Medium to 8pm, & Fox (a network who has it out for me) moving Human Target to Fridays, I am not 100% I'll be able to catch this one this year. Though miraculously renewed, & CW being great about airing reruns of their shows, I might prioritized Human Target over Smallville. Haven't decided for sure yet. Probably won't decide until premiere in October. I like them both.

Premieres 10/1, IFC

It looks funny, but not in a formulated Major Network sitcom sort of way. Very curious.

Friday Honorable Mention

Who Do You Think You Are? (Premieres ?, NBC): NBC's hour long infomercial for ancestry.com is going to return at some point (no premiere date listed, so this might actually be a mid-season show). On one hand, I find it boring, then on the other, it does appeal to one's sense of finding their own identity.

Links to the shows web pages are the title. Part 4 should be up w/n a week.