DVR Ready. DVR Aim. DVR Record. Fall 2010. Part 1 - Sunday Monday

September is upon us...already?!

September brings many things. That serene silence which can only mean the kids are back in school. Street gutters are clogged w/ the colorful leaves of fall. Cable Networks relinquish the airwaves giving the Major Networks the chance to ruin great concepts. Yes, my friends, Fall Premieres are just around the corner, and the DVR is aching to capture what I hope will be some excellent new & returning shows.

Like last year, here is the list of shows in the 'ol DVR's crosshairs. Unlike last year, I included a trailer or preview instead of a picture. Taking a Don't take my word for it, see for yourself approach this year. Also different, I'm going to split out the blog into 4 separate installments (previously one mammoth entry), each consisting of 1-2 days. This should make things easier on you, the reader...not to mention on me, the writer.

Enough banter, let's get to it:

This day still belongs to cable...

Boardwalk Empire
Premieres 9/19, HBO

As sad as I am to see True Blood's season end, I know Broadwalk Empire will right on it's heels. The more footage I see of this show, the more excited I get. Prohibition is a fascinating era in our history, & it looks like the show runners are not hesitating about getting knee deep into it. And it stars that "funny looking" guy from Fargo; Steve Buscemi is a longtime favorite actor of mine. Boardwalk Empire is the premiere I am most looking forward to.

Walking Dead
Premieres 10/31, AMC

Finally! A TV show about Zombies. Based on the Image Comic book, this series is written, directed, & executive produced for television by Frank Darabont. You might know him from these little flicks he did, The Shawshank Redemption & The Green Mile. Love that they're premiering a zombie TV show on Halloween.

Premieres 9/26, Showtime

Though I have only seen one episode, I have heard enough from reliable sources (aka: friends) that this is a kickass show. So much so, that I've had the 1st 4 seasons DVDs are near/at the top of my "to buy list". The biggest hurdle of me not catching Dexter is the lack of a Showtime subscription. Through with Dish Network's autopay promotion, I'll be able to get a free 3 month trial subscription to Showtime, & catch the 5th season. Judging from the above trailer, it looks like it is going to be pretty intense too.

Sunday Honorable Mentions
Amazing Race (Premieres 9/26, CBS): Phil and the Travelocity Gnome are back to greet stressed out/cranky world travelers at the Rest Stop. I do get a kick out of this reality alternative show. There is a reason it is a staple in the Emmy nominations.

Undercover Boss (Premieres 9/26, CBS): It is good to know that CEOs really, honestly care, and are willing to give us average joes the time of day. Sarcasm aside, this is my wife's pick. She loves this show. One thing I will give it, they have perfected the emotional heart tugs. Though there is a underlying propaganda factor to this, the companies represented in this do get some brilliant publicity.

Between returning show schedule changes & more new shows than you can shake a stick at, long gone are the days there's nothing worth watching on Mondays.

Premieres 9/20, NBC

Why more Nielsens don't watch Chuck is beyond me. The drama is intense. The comedy is hilarious. The action is badass. It is rare that a show can have you laughing out loud & sitting at the edge of your seat in a single episode. I highly recommend you check out Chuck, if you haven't already.

Premieres 9/20, Fox

The preview says it all. All I can add is: Finally.
House is a cleverly disguised serial drama. If you go back to the first season, the characters are distinctly different to who they will be when the 7th premieres. Just be sure to set your DVRs to finish a couple minutes late, Fox is notorious about running their higher rating shows over into the next hour.

The Event
Premieres 9/20, NBC

Everything about The Event comes screams it is a great concept. If done right, it could prove to be amazing TV. I have high hopes for this one. My biggest fear is NBC will "water" it down, so it can't take the risks it needs to take to be the successful show I know it can be.

Premieres 9/20, ABC

A true stand out amongst the procedurals. Castle won't hesitate to make fun of anything, including Nathan Fillon's Firefly days. Mix satire with the perfectly executed sexual tension between Castle and Beckett, you have the workings of an entertaining hour.

Hawaii Five-0
Premieres 9/20, CBS

If you could judge a show by the caliber of its cast, then Hawii Five-0 is going to rock. If you can judge a show by the extended preview, then Hawii Five-0 is not only going to rock, but will be badass. I am totally excited about this one, and fully admit to having impossibly high expectations. I hope hope hope it won't become a case of the week procedural, but then again it is on CBS, a network that doesn't stray too far from their formula. Either/or, Hawaii Five-0 is the 2nd most anticipated new show (next to Boardwalk Empire) I am looking most looking forward to.

Links to the show's respective network webpage are the titles. That's it for Part 1. Part 2 - Tuesday Wednesday will be uploaded w/n the next 2-3 days. Stay tuned!


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