Just had a SG-U Scare

This morning while scanning my TV news sites, I chance upon this article from Airlockalpha.com. Found myself in instant depression when I read the title "MGM Struggles Could Threaten 'Stargate: Universe'. As I read the article that sense of dismay turned into relief which festered into frustration. By the time I finished it, I was reminded why I don't regularly frequent Airlockalpha.com (formally syfyportal.com). They are prone to sensationalism, and really have a "we're doomed" (to quote C3-P0) focus to many of the "genre news" articles they publish.

Take the SG:U article for example. It is based on internet rumors & fan paranoia. Even sources close to MGM say as long as it performs, MGM won't pull it. True, the 3rd Daniel Craig Bond film was placed on the back burner. Lets think about it, a Bond production will exceed the $150M mark during it's 2+ year production, & that excludes the 8+ figure marketing budget. I'll be very surprised is SG:U exceeds the $60M for a single 20 episode season.

For the record, I got bored w/ the Stargate franchise sometime during the 2nd season of Atlantis. For me, the franchise became monotonous & way too formulated. I often called it "SyFy's Trek." If not for the interview in TV Guide, I would never have checked SG:U out. The producers promised something different than what we've seen, & that peaked my curiosity enough to give it a shot. Let me tell you, by the end of the premiere episode, my jaw hit the floor w/ surprise. I went into the episode thinking the producers were just regurgitating empty promises to hype their new series, & was delivered a show that blew my expectations out of the stratosphere.

There is a reason I refer to it as "SG:U". For me, this isn't just the latest "installment of the Stargate franchise". Those are formulated, w/ a magical reset button at the end of each episode. SG:U, on the other hand, is an amazing genre series that happens to have a stargate in it. It is a strong character-driven drama, that has & will go where most shows won't dare risk. The plots are intelligent, well constructed, and is very much entrenched in the serialized drama arena, more akin w/ Battlestar Galactica or Breaking Bad than its franchise predecessors. And after the crisis is adverted (mostly), there is no reset button. The next episode builds from the previous. This shift in style is due, I think, to sci-fi writer John Scalzi's involvement as creative consultant. Yes, they have an honest-to-goodness prose writer helping w/ their plots & characterizations.

If you have not yet jumped on board the SG:U wagon, I highly recommend you do. Buy the SG:U 1.0 DVDs, rent them from NetFlicks, or stream it. Not only will you get a lot more out of it if you watch from the beginning, but you'll experience some the craziest, most intense scenes to air on a non-premium network.



Too Warped Versions

Still behind w/my Flickr uploads. After the 13th brutal clone shot, I immediately started fighting w/ the 14th's Warped Wednesday. After completing one version, decided I didn't like it. Starting from scratch, & created a second version. Very rare of me to do, especially when I'm behind in my uploads. Version 2 I'm happier w/, & will upload onto Flickr.

Exclusively for Rants, decided to publish both versions. Though I'm not happy w/ version 1, think I would like it if it was a different picture. Do like the way the effects turned out. Just doesn't live up to the surreal perspective of the original concept.

Version 1

Version 2

Takeaway: When shooting a perspecitive concept you mean to warp, be sure to shoot a subject free image of the background. Will make things so much easier to edit to vision.



Lazy & Hazy

Being a week behind in uploading photos, I really should be editing tonight. However, spent the last week moving 65lb sewing machines & equally as heavy boxes of product, tables, etc. back & forth from our storefront to the hotel for our big annual 4-Day event, & today was tear down day so everything had to be moved back. Tonight I find myself both physically & emotionally drained...not to mention every muscle in my body aches.

I feel completely lame about it, but going to take a day off from my photography. Which in the long run is probably for the best. Tonight, the creativity isn't there, & considering the next photo to edit is a Warped Wednesday, creativity (& the patience to trial and error the IWarp tool) are a must. I don't want the Warped Wednesday shots just be curved walls. This one in particular, I want to play w/ the shrink function & tweak the perspective.

So instead of editing, I'm gonna grab a couple beers, shoot today's daily photo, & watch Lost. Might watch V, might just crash. We'll play that last part by ear.


Still Here...again

Been slacking on the blogging front. Shame on me!

I do still plan on developing the Third Incarnation. However, Casual Rants won't be exclusive to this project, as previously implied. Think I'm going to take a "what's on my mind now" approach moving forward. Hopefully that will motivate my lazy ass to post 4-5 times a week (my goal). Keep your fingers crossed.

With that said...

365 Trilogy update:
The Intro:
If you know me, you know that I'm active on Flickr. On April 1st I started my 3rd 365 Days challenge. The concept behind the project is simple, take a self portrait a day for a whole year. The challenge is coming up w/ a creative idea every single day for a whole year.

I have previously done this twice. In the spirit of the 3rd year, I am simultaneously running 3 projects. The other 2 are more effects intensive weekly challenges. The first is a 52 Clones project, where I shoot & assemble clone SPs. The other is called Warped Wednesday, where I use GIMP's IWarp tool, and tweak the image to give it a more surreal/abstract feel. All three projects combined are called Trilogy. Periodically I will post updates here as to the status of the project (mostly when I fall behind in the uploading...surprise! I'm a slacker across all my online activities). Just so it ain't all bad news, I will also blog pictures that I'm particularly proud of here too.

The update:
Last Tuesday's (4/13) clone is literally a week in the making. Why I chose to shoot an intensive clone (both shooting & editing...especially the editing, it's harder than you think to make furniture appear to fly) during what is the craziest week of the year for our business is beyond me. Last night, I finally got it assembled, so now it is just a matter of fine tuning & adjusting the levels.

Look for it tonight. The next Warped Wednesday installment should follow tomorrow, and rest of last week should be uploaded by the Thursday.