Too Warped Versions

Still behind w/my Flickr uploads. After the 13th brutal clone shot, I immediately started fighting w/ the 14th's Warped Wednesday. After completing one version, decided I didn't like it. Starting from scratch, & created a second version. Very rare of me to do, especially when I'm behind in my uploads. Version 2 I'm happier w/, & will upload onto Flickr.

Exclusively for Rants, decided to publish both versions. Though I'm not happy w/ version 1, think I would like it if it was a different picture. Do like the way the effects turned out. Just doesn't live up to the surreal perspective of the original concept.

Version 1

Version 2

Takeaway: When shooting a perspecitive concept you mean to warp, be sure to shoot a subject free image of the background. Will make things so much easier to edit to vision.


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