Lazy & Hazy

Being a week behind in uploading photos, I really should be editing tonight. However, spent the last week moving 65lb sewing machines & equally as heavy boxes of product, tables, etc. back & forth from our storefront to the hotel for our big annual 4-Day event, & today was tear down day so everything had to be moved back. Tonight I find myself both physically & emotionally drained...not to mention every muscle in my body aches.

I feel completely lame about it, but going to take a day off from my photography. Which in the long run is probably for the best. Tonight, the creativity isn't there, & considering the next photo to edit is a Warped Wednesday, creativity (& the patience to trial and error the IWarp tool) are a must. I don't want the Warped Wednesday shots just be curved walls. This one in particular, I want to play w/ the shrink function & tweak the perspective.

So instead of editing, I'm gonna grab a couple beers, shoot today's daily photo, & watch Lost. Might watch V, might just crash. We'll play that last part by ear.

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