Headphones Recommended: Time. To. Rock.

This might be my last podcast for awhile. I will pretty much reach my 1 gig limit for PodcastMachine's free account. Really can't justify the $9/month for the lowest level pay account. Ideally I want to store the compilations and embed them on this blog. While it lasted, PodcastMachine.com did just that. So, now have to either find an embeddable player program, or more likely find another podcast site with both a free account & embeddable player. Any suggestions or referrals would be much appreciated.

Since I don't know for sure when the next installment is, thought I'd leave y'all w/ one rocking compilation...

1) The Horrors | She Is the New Thing | Strange House
2) Black Rebel Motorcycle Club | Mama Taught Me Better | Beat The Devil's Tattoo
3) Arctic Monkeys | The Bad Thing | Favourite Worst Nightmare
4) Elastica | Waking Up | Elastica

5) Wolf Parade | Pobody's Nerfect | Expo 86
6) Bloc Party | Talons | Intimacy

7) Les Savy Fav | Dirty Knails | Root for Ruin
8) Sleater-Kinney | Wilderness | The Woods
9) Jimi Hendrix | Ships Passing Through The Night | Valleys Of Neptune
10) The Twilight Sad | Reflection of the Television | Forget the Night Ahead
11) PJ Harvey | No Girl So Sweet | Is This Desire?
12) The White Stripes | Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground | White Blood Cells
13) Melvins | Sweet Willy Rollbar | Stoner Witch
14) Primus | Mama Didn't Raise No Fool | Antipop

15) Silversun Pickups | Surrounded (Or Spiraling) | Swoon

16) Dog Faced Hermans | Catbrain Walk | Every Day Time Bomb
17) Sonic Youth | Trilogy: B) Hyperstation | Daydream Nation
18) Yeah Yeah Yeahs | Dull Life | It's Blitz
19) Built To Spill | Gone | You In Reverse

You're damn right there's cuss'n. If it offends don't listen.


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