Headphones Recommended: The Country Mix, y'all

"I hate country music." I've heard that statement many times from many people. Thing is, almost always, their exposure to the country/bluegrass genre has been via top 40 "country" radio stations. I completely agree that the crap they pass as "country" sucks about 49 out every 50 songs. When people assume that what they hear on those radio stations is country, they understandingly make the conclusion they hate country. What is truly sad is they are closing the door to a whole world of some of the best music I've ever heard, alternative country.

Me, I like myself a good twang &/or fiddle on a regular basis. That is pretty much what this compilation consists of, alternative country & bluegrass. Enjoy!

1) The Maldives | Time Is Right Now | Listen To The Thunder
2) Richard Buckner | Jewelbomb | Since
3) Lucinda Williams | Sweet Side | World Without Tears
4) Deer Tick | Easy | Born on Flag Day
5) Golden Delicious | Raven Maggie | Old School
6) Johnny Cash | Personal Jesus | American IV: Man Comes Around
7) Neko Case | Furnace Room Lullaby | Furnace Room Lullaby
8) Hillstomp | Flood Blues | One Word
9) Heavy Trash | Pure Gold | Going Way Out With Heavy Trash
10) Uncle Tupelo | Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way? | Anodyne
11) Camper Van Beethoven | When I Win The Lottery | Key Lime Pie
12) Supersuckers | Hangin' Out With Me | Must've Been High
13) The Devil Makes Three | Shades | The Devil Makes Three
14) The Cave Singers | Dancing On Our Graves | Invitation Songs
15) Sarah Jarosz | Come On Up To The House | Song Up In Her Head
16) Punch Brothers | Nothing, Then | Punch
17) Blue Mountain | Ira Magee | Home Grown
18) Drive-By Truckers | Late For Church | Gangstabilly
19) Whiskeytown | 16 Days | Strangers Almanac
20) The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band | Party On The Mountain | Welcome To Woody Creek
21) Cracker | I Could Be Wrong, I Could Be Right | Sunrise In The Land Of Milk And Honey
22) The Flying Burrito Brothers | Christine's Tune (A.K.A. Devil In Disguise) | The Gilded Palace Of Sin/Burrito Deluxe

Some songs contain cuss'n. If it offends, don't listen.


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