Still Here...again

Been slacking on the blogging front. Shame on me!

I do still plan on developing the Third Incarnation. However, Casual Rants won't be exclusive to this project, as previously implied. Think I'm going to take a "what's on my mind now" approach moving forward. Hopefully that will motivate my lazy ass to post 4-5 times a week (my goal). Keep your fingers crossed.

With that said...

365 Trilogy update:
The Intro:
If you know me, you know that I'm active on Flickr. On April 1st I started my 3rd 365 Days challenge. The concept behind the project is simple, take a self portrait a day for a whole year. The challenge is coming up w/ a creative idea every single day for a whole year.

I have previously done this twice. In the spirit of the 3rd year, I am simultaneously running 3 projects. The other 2 are more effects intensive weekly challenges. The first is a 52 Clones project, where I shoot & assemble clone SPs. The other is called Warped Wednesday, where I use GIMP's IWarp tool, and tweak the image to give it a more surreal/abstract feel. All three projects combined are called Trilogy. Periodically I will post updates here as to the status of the project (mostly when I fall behind in the uploading...surprise! I'm a slacker across all my online activities). Just so it ain't all bad news, I will also blog pictures that I'm particularly proud of here too.

The update:
Last Tuesday's (4/13) clone is literally a week in the making. Why I chose to shoot an intensive clone (both shooting & editing...especially the editing, it's harder than you think to make furniture appear to fly) during what is the craziest week of the year for our business is beyond me. Last night, I finally got it assembled, so now it is just a matter of fine tuning & adjusting the levels.

Look for it tonight. The next Warped Wednesday installment should follow tomorrow, and rest of last week should be uploaded by the Thursday.


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