Why I love Sci-Fi & Fantasy

I know it might appear that I'm OCD when it comes to science fiction & fantasy. Books I read are almost exclusively those genres, prefer my movies to be the same, and it is rare that I am not aware of a Sci-Fi show on TV. When you factor in comics & video games, it boggles my mind that science fiction doesn't dominate the Nielsens as they do box office earnings.

I do like other genres, really I do. Just get my fill of them in the sci-fi/fantasy venues.

You see, unlike almost every other genre out there, science fiction & fantasy are merely the setting/background of the story. Other genres must remain w/n their prescribed guidelines of that particular genre. A murder mystery has to involve a murder & solving of that murder. Historical fiction has to remain true to the setting of the era it takes place. A romance has to be centered around the affairs of the star crossed couple. Westerns have to take place in the "old west".

Science fiction and fantasy have no such limitation. The story can incorporate one or more of the above listed genres throughout it's run, no matter what medium. Fantasies don't even have to take place in fictional worlds, as Harry Potter popularized. Firefly proved a western can be set in space. Caprica is a prime example of character drama. Martins Songs of Ice & Fire has a strong political drama foundation (Dune probably being the most popular of this). Throughout the run of Farscape, the creators behind the show explored just about every genre out there.

Really the only limitation behind science fiction and fantasy crossing genres is that of the writer(s) &/or creative team behind the project. When looking at my favorite genres, the entertainment possibilities are endless. Whereas I know I will eventually get bored w/ the procedural drama formula of Castle, I know if Fringe goes on for the next 6 years, they have the option to reinvent themselves to avoid stagnation.

That is why I love Sci-Fi & fantasy.


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