Game of Thrones Gets a Green Light from HBO

I am very excited about HBO's announcement today. George RR Martins 'A Game of Thrones' got a 10 episode order from the network.

If you have not yet read the Song of Ice & Fire series, I highly recommend you pick them up between now and when the series premieres. It is a fantasy series for grown ups. Martin does not hold back on his holy shit plot twists (actually does a very good job in building them up in a non-predictable way). It centers around a power struggle for the throne of Westeros, in which if you're a good guy, you're not guaranteed to win (or live for that matter).

I can't imagine a better network for the TV adaptation of what I hope will be the entire series (my most anticipated will be the 3rd season...& if you've read the books, you can probably guess why). HBO is a league above all other networks when it comes to producing great TV. True Blood & Carnivale quickly come to mind as my personal favorites. Let's not forget Sorpranos, Deadwood, & Six Feet Under. HBO knows their shit, & they are opting to stand behind Game of Thrones.

Unfortunately, there is no premiere date to accompany the announcement. Most are predicting Spring 2011. I'm hoping for a January 2011 premiere myself. Either way, it is going to be a looooong wait before we see Tyrion, Arya, & Jon Snow walking & talking on the small screen.


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