TV Shows That Will Never Be: Third Incarnation

The Third Incarnation idea has been w/ me for a long time. Originally it started as a comic book concept, then morphed into a TV show, I briefly entertained it as a prose concept, & recently it came full circle back to being a comic. Like I said, it's been w/ me for a long time. Ideally I'd like it to be a TV show, but from what I know of how the TV industry works, don't think it will fly (for example, the bulk of the main characters won't be introduced until episode 3...don't see network exec's understanding that one). If this does see the light of day, it will most likely be a comic book. For me, this concept requires a visual medium.

Synopsis: Jason Kaiser is freed from a 3000 year imprisonment at the center of the Earth. He soon discovers that not only are some semblance of all myths, legends, and lore true, but many are now the dominate species. His rescuers are entangled in the pursuit of a prophecy written by his employer 3000 years before. The prophecy itself is incomplete, the bulk of it lost through the ages. One fact is certain, Jason is the "Man From Yesterday", one of the guardians destined to stand with the "One Without Heritage" at the "Gate of Tomorrow."

Been thinking about the Third Incarnation a lot lately, & I've come to the decision to develop it. I'm going to do it here, on my blog.

The way my mind works, is when an idea for a project captures my attention, I initially visualize scenes/events at various points throughout the entire series. In order to "translate" it into a comprehensive story, I need to fill in the events between these points...get the story from point A to point D (if that makes any sense).

So what will follow next is the basic episode/chapter outline of the first season/volume. And by basic, I mean very basic. Containing title only...essentially keywords that will remind me of the scene/event that occurs in that particular chapter. Third Incarnation blog entries after that will dive progressively into more detail for each chapter (synopsis, notes/brainstorms, outline, script, etc).

Enjoy the journey.


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