Networks, I don't get it...

There seems to be an annoying trend this Winter season. Networks are airing extremely abbreviated runs of episodes, and then preempting them/outright pulling them from their schedule. NBC has the Olympics, so there it is understandable...to a point.

Fox, for example, aired one new ep of House, then is skipping a week to air 2 hours of 24. Why not just have premiered 24 a week earlier, or House 2 weeks later? Wouldn't that be more consistent? I can't even express how pissed I am that we only get 3 eps of Fringe. Yes, I know ratings are down, but the show did so much better following American Idol, not to mention it wasn't competing against ratings behemoth CSI, & the more ratings modest Supernatural (which I'm sure attracts a similar audience...I know, 'cuz I'm one of them).

Cable nets aren't innocent of this trend either. Probably the big motivator for this post was the season finale of Sanctuary. Pulled in December for Christmas programming, it came back a few weeks ago to air only 3 episodes!? Part of me was kinda looking forward to the Sanctuary/Caprica combo on Fridays. Seriously, why not just have started the season earlier & run them all through?

I'm weird, being that I track shows I like. So when they come back on the air, I know when. Most people, however, aren't TV geeks, & aren't paying attention. Chances are they don't have a clue that show they liked is coming back unless they're lucky enough to catch a commercial. That is assuming they tune into the particular network of their show when it's off the air.

In a world where ratings make the network world go round, to me it makes no sense to have short spurts of shows before long breaks. Wouldn't it be more logical to air longer runs which will more ingrain a viewing habit to your network?

btw, Lost is now on Tuesdays @9p...moved yet again by ABC. Just thankful that they're going the air the entire season. ~whew~

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