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The 'ol DVR ain't slowing down as Part 2 of the Fall 2010 Season highlights continues with Tuesday & Wednesday. In some ways, this fall is proving to be the most frustrating. We can only record 2 shows at a time. Both Tuesday and Wednesday have more than 2 shows airing during the same time slot (which wouldn't be a problem if the Major Networks were willing to air encores late at night instead of infomercials), forcing the decision of which not to record.

Think I can safely call Tuesdays guilty pleasure day. Read on.

Stargate Universe
Premieres 9/28, SyFy

Have you watched that trailer yet? You should. If you have not yet checked out this Stargate incarnation, you are missing a truly great show. I've said it before, don't think of it as a another installment of the Stargate franchise, for SG-U is so much more. It is a really great, intense, well written drama that just happens to have a Stargate in it. SG-U is my most anticipated returning show this season.

Premieres 9/28, SyFy

I like this show. It is a good tongue-in-cheek companion to the more serious Stargate. Their take on the monsters is really creative, and the powers that be behind it know how to weave an interesting fable.

Sons of Anarchy
Premieres 9/7, FX

I consider it a failure on my part for not getting into this show until its 3rd season. The very concept itself says it is bad ass. I like my TV bad ass.

No Ordinary Family
Premieres 9/28, ABC

I am approaching this one with caution...aka, trying not to get my hopes up. Despite of the obvious Fantastic Four origin rip off, the comic geek in me is absolutely giddy about the concept. However it is on ABC, so my fear is it will be ABC-ized. Hopefully, the network will allow the writers to take it in the direction it needs to go for it realize its potential. Either/or, I'm going to be there on premiere night.

Premieres 9/14, NBC

Lauren Graham always gets me watching the most compromising guilty pleasures. I am a big fan of hers. To give this show credit, the writers do a great job in balancing all the characters and storylines. Not to mention, Craig T Nelson's character is dead ringer of my Grandpa (only it was the Korean War as opposed to the Vietnam War...d'OH, just aged myself).

Tuesday Honorable Mentions

Glee (Premieres 9/21, Fox): There is too much going on in the same time slot, so going to have to wait until the reruns to catch this quirky guilty pleasure. Yes, I know, I am a bad Gleek.

Biggest Loser (Premieres 9/21, NBC): Is it just me, or does the Biggest Loser operate like a cult. They isolate the contestants, break them down, and fill them full of their over-the-top preachy rhetoric as they built them back up. My wife, however, loves this show, so I gotta take one for the team...a heavy price to pay so I can record my Friday shows.

Though there really isn't that much worth watching on this day, it just so happens all but one occupy the same timeslot.

Premieres 9/8, FX

I was originally going to pass on this one. Seemed like yet another case-of-the-week procedural. Then I read the write up in TV Guide Magazine, and changed my mind. It is a case-of-the-week procedural, but the characters are interesting and have great back stories.

Premieres 9/22, NBC

JJ Abrams is coming out with a spy drama?! SOLD!

Premieres 9/15, CBS

Survivor got the shaft for not being nominated for an Emmy. Both seasons last year were some of the best of the show's entire run. Hoping that this is the case this year. Though why CBS is moving their 10 year Thursday night anchor to Wednesdays is beyond me...now convinced that network execs are all on crack.

Wednesday Honorable Mention

Hell's Kitchen (Premieres 9/22, Fox): Fox hates me. Really, they do. Why else would they move Hell's Kitchen (yet again) to Wednesdays. I just love it when Gorden Ramsey gets so worked up he literally spits on the contestants. Hoping they're encoring this one, 'cuz spitting or no, I ain't going to miss my Survivor.

Links to the show on their respective networks websites are the show's title. Part 3: Thursday Friday should be up in 2 - 3 days. Stay Tuned!


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