Headphones Recommended: Rock Is Undead!

Okay, here's what you gotta do before listening to this:

1st, make sure your headphone's cord is long enough (you're really gonna shake your booty w/ this, & it'd suck if you accidentally pulled your computer off the desk). If your cord isn't long enough, hopefully you can download & listen via your mobile device.

2nd, grab your favorite beverage (mine's an IPA)

3rd, take off your pants (it rocks to rock out in your skivvies). Note: do NOT take off your pants if you're in a public place, that will likely land your ass in the clink.

Finally, crank up the volume (it ain't rocking out if the volume is set at a safe, considerate level).

1. Screaming Trees | Time for Light | Uncle Anesthesia
2. Yeah Yeah Yeahs | Gold Lion | Show Your Bones
3. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club | Need Some Air | Baby 81
4. The Thermals | How We Know | Fuckin A
5. Hammerbox | Size of the World | Hammerbox
6. Ladyfinger (Ne) | Over And Over | Dusk
7. Controller.Controller | City Of Daggers | X-Amounts
8. The Airborne Toxic Event | Gasoline | The Airborne Toxic Event
9. Gang Of Four | Second Life | Content
10. Janis Joplin | Maybe | I Got Dem Ol' Kozmic Blues Again Mama!
11. Hacienda | Leave it this Way | Loud is the Night
12. Sonics | Cinderella | Boom
13. Rocket From The Crypt | Born In '69 | Scream, Dracula, Scream!
14. Detroit Cobras | Leave My Kitten Alone | Tied & True
15. Fugazi | Ex-Spectator | The Argument
16. Arctic Monkeys | Dangerous Animals | Humbug
17. Visqueen | Friends In Love | Sunset on Dateland
18. Modest Mouse | I Came as a Rat | The Moon And Antarctica
19. Queens Of The Stone Age | I'm Designer | Era Vulgaris
20. Jumbling Towers | Black Courage | The Kanetown City Rips
21. fIREHOSE | Losers, Boozers, And Heroes | Flyin' the Flannel
22. The Kills | Damned If She Do | Blood Pressures
23. Black Diamond Heavies | Solid Gold | A Touch Of Someone Else's Class
24. Nirvana | Where Did You Sleep Last Night | MTV Unplugged in New York

Note: If you don't like cuss'n, then don't listen.


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