DVR Ready. DVR Aim. DVR...huh?...um...well, just take it easy this season

In a world where genre movies make up the clear majority of the top 100 highest grossing movies, the video game industry is a multi-billion dollar business, & modern pop culture is saturated w/ genre references, it boggles my mind why the networks can't seem to capitalize on this. Sure, a few like HBO & AMC seem to have figured it out. However, the 2011-12 fall premieres have the feel that the powers behind the major networks have gone all genre shy...yet again.

With that said, this year's genre TV highlights are looking like I can fit it all in one entry. With the majority of the shows represented being returning shows...seriously, there is not much new genre programming coming out this year at all. This makes me sad. Can't help but wonder how many great concepts were passed upon 'cuz some network programmer was too short sighted to see, much less realize, a valuable & entertaining potential.

Whining aside, here's the 2011-12 genre previews:

The Walking Dead, AMC, Premieres 10/16
A show that will eat away at your brain, literally.

Hell On Wheels, AMC, Premieres 11/6
Intense period drama set during the construction of the railroads. It's AMC, so checking it out.

Boardwalk Empire, HBO, Premieres 9/25
Probably won't have HBO, but if I can swing it, I'll be watching this one for sure.

Dexter, Showtime, Premieres 10/2
One of two shows that leaves me sorely tempted to subscribe to Showtime.

Homeland, Showtime, Premieres 10/2
If the series delivers what the trailer promises, then this will be a show worth watching.

Once Upon A Time, ABC, Premieres 10/23
It is from ABC, so I have trepidations. Conceptually a brilliant fantasy though.

Hawaii 5-0, CBS, Premieres 9/19
Lame ass trailer...sorry...but this show has exceeded expectations before. Also, they continue to get my vote as to the best casted show.

Terra Nova, Fox, Premieres 9/26
Wait, I think I've seen this before. BBC's Outcasts? Jurassic Park? Earth 2? Land of the Lost?
Not selling it, 'cuz I ain't sold. Will check out the premiere and go from there.

Ringer, CW, Premieres 9/13
Buffy returns to TV! That alone is worth checking out the premiere.

Sons of Anarchy, FX, Premieres 9/6
Movie length premiere looks badass.

Whitechapel, BBCA, Premieres 10/26
The only Wednesday show that has caught my attention. Otherwise it looks like the other nets have kept their schedule clear for Simon Cowell's new thing on Fox.

The Vampire Diaries, CW, Premieres 9/15
The writers behind this show have a superpower. Their ability is to weave 3 or more story lines throughout the season. I like it, 'cuz you know as the various plot lines develop, they are eventually going to overlap, & not in a way that is good for the Elena & the Salvatores.

The Secret Circle, CW, Premieres 9/15
From the producers of The Vampire Diaries, only w/ witches. Hesitant, but will give it a few episodes to see if they can reproduce the magic spell they cast w/ The Vampire Diaries.

Charlie's AngelsABC, Premieres 9/22
Looks like ABC is trying to do what CBS did with Hawii Five-0.

Nikita, CW, Premieres 9/23
Best Nikita incarnation to date. Last season this show did not disappoint, this season looks no different.

Supernatural, CW, Premieres 9/23
Last season the new show runners kicked Supernatural up a notch. With Castiel's god-complex, this season is promising more of the same.

Fringe, Fox, Premieres 9/23
Considering Fox has a history of moving shows to Fridays to run off episodes before canceling them, my jaw dropped when I heard about Fringe's renewal. It is one of my favorite shows, so happy to get at least one more season.

Chuck, NBC, Premieres 10/21
Final season :(

Grimm, NBC, Premieres 10/21
Will have to wait until Fringe &/or Supernatural are in reruns to check this one out. Keeping fingers crossed NBC encores it on Saturday or on Sy-Fy.

Sanctuary, Sy-Fy, Premieres 10/6
A guilty pleasure of a show, but the good episodes make for great TV.

Bedlam, BBCA, Premieres 10/1
Show set to follow Dr. Who's current season. Looks interesting, worth checking out.

That is it for this season's genre shows. Special thanks to thefutoncritic.com for providing the TV grid where I grabbed the above schedules & premiere dates.

Happy Watching!

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