3 More May Sweeps 2010 Tibutes

As I'm approaching the close of the May Sweeps tributes, I feel I can safely call it a success. Not in view count, & not that it generated an abnormal amount of comments. Actually the average of both went down, with few exceptions (like the clones). No, the 365 Days project is a personal project for me, and in the event a picture does generate comments &/or a ton of views, I consider that a bonus. I consider myself a mediocre photographer at best. Perhaps if not for the time constraints & level of fatigue, I would be better; but life has dealt the hand of the right now, so I am making the best of it.

I'm calling the sub-project a success in creativity. When I started it 2 weeks ago, I didn't have the foggiest idea how I would make each shot distinct. There is only one subject, me. One setting, The Fortress of Solitude (aka, my entertainment room). The one prop weighs the better part of 100lbs & is tethered to the wall by the satellite cable & power outlet. In other words, impossible to move. Yet every show featured is an image distinct from the other. I am proud of that.

Here are 3 of the 5 remaining May Sweeps 2010 tribute (click the image to get a more detailed description of why I chose that particular show):

Survivor, CBS
3.365.046: Russell Got the Shaft…Again
NOTE: Survivor is moving to Wednesdays beginning Fall 2010.

House M.D., Mondays on Fox
3.365.047: House M.D.
After 5 years, do you thing Hugh Laurie (Gregory House) walks w/ a limp when not on the set?

Lost, ABC
3.365.048: Farewell Lost. What a Wild Ride It Was
Bi-polar about this season. Depressed it is coming to an ending. Stoked it got to run its course.

Final 2 May Sweeps& honorable mentions coming soon.


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