Even More May Sweeps 2010

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I'm a big slacker. Know I should be publishing these daily instead of the the week of May Sweeps shots following below. All I can say about this is Time & Fatigue are my arch enemies, & they teamed up like villains in a bad Batman movie to thwart my every move. If it is any consolation, I am about 3 days behind w/ my photo editing. Probably the core element of my slacking on this blog.

Being the easily distracted fellow that I am, got a really funny idea for a blog entry yesterday, and spent my computer time putting together the 1st Draft. As some of you might already know, it is Upfronts week for the TV industry. Upfronts are a time when Networks announce their Fall lineup in hopes of pre-selling commercial spots to advertisers. Tomorrow (Thursday, 5/20), I'm going to publish a faux upfront for a network concept I've had in mind for some years now.

But I Digress. Here are last week's Sweeps tribute entries for my 365 Days project:

Tuesday, 5/9 (renewed for the 2010-11 season!)
2.365.041: We are at peace. Always.
V airs on ABC

Wednesday, 5/10
3.365.042: The Magic Man’s a Coming
Since taking this photo, ABC has pulled Happy Town from their schedule. Remaining episodes will most likely air sometime this summer.

Thursday, 5/11 (renewed for the 2010-11 season!)
3.365.043: “There'll Be Peace When You Are Done”
CW will most likely be moving Supernatural from Thursdays to Fridays (after Smallville) this fall.

Friday, 5/12
3.365.044: Friday Fermented Feature – Hales Pikop Andropov's Rushin' Imperial Stout
Fridays on SyFy (between SG-U & Caprica, SyFy Fridays haven't been this good since Farscape...BSG doesn't count since SyFy kept trying to move it to Sundays every other season)

Saturday, 5/13 (via DVR)
3.365.045: In Dire Need of Props Clone
Airs Tuesdays on FX.

As always, click the picture if you want to read more about the featured TV show.


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