May Sweeps 2010 Wraps

We finally wrap up the May Sweeps 2010 tributes. Both are not my best photo manipulations, though conceptually sound. Have this bad habit of tackling photo concepts above my skill set. Then again, it is how I learn.

Dr. Who is part of another sub-project called Warped Wednesday. Every Wednesday the photo is shot specifically to be manipulated w/ the IWarp filter on GIMP. It is a tool I am learning, and have not yet mastered it. I do, however, like the multiple images, especially the silhouetted one in the back.

For Fringe, I shot it specifically to add an additional finger. Knew going in, the manipulation would work out w/o a hitch, or be a great big pain to pull off. Unfortunately, it ended up being the later. Have a double image overlay that turned out technically better, but opted to go w/ concept over aesthetics.

As usual, if you want a more detailed description/review of the show featured, link to the page on Flickr is the picture itself.

Dr. Who (via DVR)
3.365.049: Hold On To Your Tardis, We’re In For One Hell of a Ride
Normally airs Saturday on BBCA, but Dr. Who just screamed to be presented on Warped Wednesday. Really had no choice at all.

Fringe (Thursdays on Fox)
3.365.050: What Is Your Walternate Like?
Renewed for a 3rd Season!


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